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Soke Harris Warren Founder of Nisei Bujutsu

PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: To provide "Educational Selfdefense" alternatives with training in the Art of Nisei Bujutsu  (Traditional Japanese JuJutsu). 

 Soke / Founder - Nisei Bujutsu JuJutsu), Menkyo Kaiden Shihan / 8th Dan Black Belt Master - Yoshitsune JuJutsu, Menkyo Kaiden Shihan / 8th Dan Black Belt Master - Taizan-Ryu Goshin-Jutsu,  Shihan / 7th Degree Black Belt Master - Hakkoryu JuJutsu, 7 Time World Master's Hall of Fame Inductee (WHFSC) -  Martial Arts and Ju-Jutsu,Over 42 years experience practicing, instructing and directing selfdefense programs worldwide, Holder of Black Belt ranks in Judo, Aiki-Jutsu, Karate, JuJutsu and Kobu Jutsu (weaponry), International Defensive Tactics Instructor, Martial Arts choreography and demonstrations worldwide. Paramount Pictures Production (movie cast extra : THE TRUMAN SHOW / Jim Carrey) 

  7 Time World Head Of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame: GrandMaster Awards, 1995 - 2003 National Award for Outstanding Young Men of America, International Award for Who's Who In Martial Arts Elite American Federation of Martial Arts (A.F.M.A.) Black Belt Hall of Fame Chairman Martial Arts Association of California (M.A.A.C.), International Award for Who's Who in Karate Board Of Directors; International Federation of JuJutsuans (IFOJJ), IFOJJ Regional Director - Florida
Federation of Unified Martial Artist (F.U.M.A.), Director Board Of Directors United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF) Life-time Member Sexual Assault Advisory Council Member (Mayor Appointed), Jacksonville, FL    2003 - Present Duval & Clay County Jailed Juvenile Advisory Committee, Jacksonville, FL   2003 - Present